My name is Adelaida

I'm Illustrator and product designer

Hello, my name is Adelaida and I am an illustrator and product designer. I grew up in a town in southern Spain and I currently live in Huelva.

The town where I grew up has the peculiarity that art is very present: there are a lot of artists. This has contributed to my coming into contact with art very early, but it was not until later that my interest in illustration arose, when I went to live in Madrid and spent two years studying at the Arteneo school.

Then I was working for a company dedicated to creating material for later sale on online platforms. There I learned a lot about digital illustration and it sparked my interest in creating patterns to apply to products: stationery, home decor and clothing.

Thanks to this work, I added to my knowledge of illustration in watercolor and gouache the use of tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. I also expanded my children's theme with the creation of illustrations of a more adult nature, such as the design of cities, leaving as a common feature the taste for color and covering the entire space with objects, characters and landscapes.

The most recent projects have been, one, with Gastronomic Souvenirs in Barcelona, ​​making illustrations and patterns from Spain and Madrid for their artisan products and, the second, for Arte Nuestro de Cada Día SL, a company linked to the previous one, this time with the city ​​of Cádiz for the same purpose.

Coupled with my experience as an illustrator is my restless character, always wanting to learn and develop new ideas, looking for inspiration in books and in my environment. I am an illustrator because I enjoy creating new things and art is something that never ceases to amaze me and I love being part of that world.

I'm an illustrator because I enjoy creating new things from the world that surround me. Art is something that never ceases to amaze me and I love being part of these world.

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